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     Childhood, Rome remembered, was a very tough time. He was so small compared to the rest of the world, and the founders were weird ass half divine twins. True, the founding of his country had been extremely weird, and to some people, not possible to some people. Rome let out a sigh. He snuck a glance over at Germania, who had just been sitting.
     "Vhat do you vant, Rome?" he asked. Rome frowned. "You know, you always have a been so cold. But, do you ever stop and think about your childhood?" Rome said, patting Germania on his back. Germania raised a eyebrow at his Roman friend but said nothing. Rome smiled and leaned back.
      "Do you know how I was a born?" Rome asked. Before Germania could respond, Rome continued. "Yes, I was born after the birth of the twins Romulus and Remus, who are created with the founding of Rome. Si, they were half-divine, sons of Rhea, sons of the God Mars. Yeah, they over threw the king from power, and then Romulus murdered Remus after they quarreled about the location of where I should be. That's why I'm a named Rome, after a Mr. Romulus," Rome lectured, staring up towards space.
     "You do know I've heard that story more then a few hundred times, right?" Germania asked skeptically, eyeing his Roman friend. Rome shrugged, as if to say, 'Don't care. You're listening.' To Germania's great disliking, Rome continued his story.
     "Life was never a easy for me. I had to a help Romulus with everything, since he a murdered his a twin brother. We were a city that had grew near the a Tiber River. Yeah, it was a hard, but I did have loads of fun," Rome blabbered. Germania let out a sigh.
     "Do you vant to know vhat I'm thinking right now?" he asked. Rome nodded. "I think you need to stop telling me vhat I already know, and that my grandson must be an idiot to hang out vith a descendant of yours," the blonde said. Rome laughed, as if Germania had just told the funniest joke in all of Heaven.  
Genre: Childhood
Theme: "Old World" Characters
:bulletblack: Write a story/chapter starring any character from the “Old World”, or characters from Eurasia. No OCs will be allowed for this prompt. This does NOT have to be historically based.

I am seriously far behind. I just finished nine, the club is getting ready to go to twenty-three. -.-; Sucks for me. =(
Pfffff, like this is good. =.=; No seriously, if I get a fave, I have no idea why. THIS SUCKS. PFFF, I just totaly wasted a use on Germania. XD
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July 23, 2012
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